By Prof. Rohan W Jayasekara
1. ” The New Reproductive Technologies in Sri Lanka, A Christian Perspective”
The Dr. M.P.M. Cooray Memorial Oration ” 2007. The Catholic Doctors Guild of St. Luke Saints Cosmas ans Damian. August 4, 2007. Colombo, Sri Lanka.2.”Genes, Cancer & Genealogy”
5th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. January 19, 2007. Colombo, Sri Lanka.3.”Genetic Causes of Fetal Malformations”
Fetal Medicine Seminar, 39thAnnual Scientific Sessions, Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. October 20″ 22, 2006. Colombo, Sri Lanka.4.”Genetics & Rheumatic Diseases ” Implications for the Future”
Guest Lecture ” Annual Scientific Sessions of the Sri Lanka Association of Rheumatology and Medical Rehabilitation. January 22, 20065.”Genetics & Counseling in Multiple Polyposis Syndromes”
Gut Club, National Hospital, Colombo – June, 2006. Colombo, Sri Lanka.6.”Genes, the Church & Reality”
Annual General Meeting of the Catholic National Commission for Pastoral Care of Migrants, Tourists and Health Care Workers. October 20, 2005. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

7.”What is Down Syndrome?”
A Seminar on Down Syndrome, Association of Parents of the Special Child. November. 5, 2005. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

8.”The New Genethics”
Dialogue I ” Moral Direction for Science. Society for the Integration of Science & Human Values [SISV]. July 3, 2005. Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

9.”The New Genethics”
Symposium on New Genetics & Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Sri Lanka Medical Association ” Annual Academic Sessions. March 24, 2005. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

10.”Genetics in Sports”
VIth Asian Congress of Sports Medicine. October 25, 2003. Colombo 2003, Sri Lanka.

11.Current Trends in Genetic Modification of Foods
Seminar Organised by the College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka
May 31, 2003

12.”Genetic Screening for Cancer”
Ceylinco Cancer Detection Centre. January 12, 2003. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

13.”The Role of Counseling in Birth Defects”
Medical Update Programme ” 2003, Independent Medical Practitioners Association of Sri Lanka. May 11, 2003. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

14. The New Technologies and the Dilemma of a Catholic Doctor in Sri Lanka.
National Seminar on Bioethics and the Family. Laity Council of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Sri Lanka & the Catholic Doctors Guild. August 22-30, 2002. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

15.”Genes, Dreams and Reality”
Inaugural Lecture 2000, University of Colombo. December 5, 2000. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

16.”Blazing a Genetic Trail ” The Human Genome”
Prof. Darrel Wijeratne Memorial Lecture ” 2000. Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna. October 4, 2000. Galle, Sri Lanka.

17.”Non-Traditional Inheritance in a Molecular Era”
Paediatric Update ” Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians
July 28, 2000.

18.”Genethics in Sri Lanka – The Slumbering Sentinels”
Guest Lecture – Sri Lanka Medical Association – 113th Annual Academic Sessions. March 24, 2000. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

19.”Sports Medicine in the Molecular Era”
Guest Lecture – Sri Lanka Medical Association – 113th Annual Academic Sessions. March 24, 2000. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

20.”Frontiers in Cytogenetics”
Annual Academic Sessions Galle Clinical Society. August 21, 1999. Galle, Sri Lanka.

21.”Genetics of Thalassaemia”
Seminar on Thalassaemia. Kandy Thalassaemia Association. November 13, 1998. Kandy, Sri Lanka.

22.”The Role of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridisation in Prenatal Diagnosis”

Foundation Sessions, Sri Lanka Medical Association. November 6-7, 1998. Colombo, Sri Lanka.23.”Ethical Dilemmas in Genetics”
Seminar of The Guild of St Luke – Saints Cosmos & Damien. (Association of Roman Catholic Doctors and Dental Surgeons of Sri Lanka). October 5, 1997. Colombo. Sri Lanka24.”Gene Therapy – The Basis of Genetic Disease”
Seminar at the First Scientific Congress of the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians. July 19, 1997. Colombo. Sri Lanka.25.”Biology & Genetic Basis of Cancer”
Breast Cancer Update, Sri Lanka Medical Association. July 20, 1997. Colombo. Sri Lanka.

26.”Twin Studies and Genetics”
Annual Academic Sessions, Sri Lanka Medical Association. March 28, 1997. Colombo. Sri Lanka

27.”Genetics of Breast Cancer”
College of Pathologists of Sri Lanka. Academic Sessions – December 5, 1997. Colombo. Sri Lanka.

28.”Birth Defects and Parental Responsibility”
Academy of Child Psychology. May 28, 1994. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

29.”Reducing the Risk of Birth Defects.”
Workshop organised by the Colombo Jaycees, sponsored by UNICEF.September 19, 1993. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

30.”The Dysmorphic Child – A Cordon and Search in Paediatrics”
Update Lecture Series, Sri Lanka Paediatric Association. January 27, 1993. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

31.”Genes and the Eye”
Sri Lanka College of Ophthalmologists. February 16, 1992. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

32.”Gender Verification – The Dilemma.”
Seminar of the Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association. March 29, 1992. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

33.”It is Genetic ! What then ?”
Guest Lecture – Panadura Clinical Society, Sri Lanka – March 17, 1992.

34.”A New Cytogenetics – The Reawakening”
Annual Scientific Sessions. College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. May 5, 1991. Colombo. Sri Lanka.

35.”Genetics of Some Oral and Craniofacial Disorders.”
Academic Sessions, College of Dentistry and Stomatology of Sri Lanka. February 11, 1990. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

36.Philosophy and Ethics of Modern Biology.
Symposium, Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka. September 23, 1988. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

37.”Recombinant DNA approach to the Diagnosis of Parasitic and Genetic Diseases.”
Symposium organised in collaboration with the International Scientific Programme in Chemical Sciences and the Institute for Medical Genetics, University of Uppsala, Sweden. March 11, 1988. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

38. “Genetics and Retinoblastoma.”
Annual Congress of the Ophthalmological Society of Ceylon. October 19, 1987. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

39.”25 Years of Genetic Counselling”
Guest Lecture – Faculty of Medicine, University of Kuwait – March 25, 1985.

40.”Deafness, Genetics and Genetic Counselling.”
Seminar for the teachers of the hearing impaired in Sri Lanka. In collaboration with the Japan International Agency.November 8, 1985. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

41.”Some Aspects of Clinical Genetics”
Galle Clinical Society. September 18, 1984. Galle, Sri Lanka.

42.”Genetic Prophecy”
Sri Lanka Rationalists Association. May 20, 1984. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

By Dr. Vajira H. W. Dissanayake

1. Genomics based Personalised Health Care.
Plenary Lecture at the Kothelawela Defence University International Research Symposium 2013. 22 August 2013, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka.

2. One size does not fit all