The following leaflets have been published by the HGU. They are in PDF format. You need Acrobat Reader® to read them.
  1. Avoid blood marriages. [Sinhala | Tamil | English]
  2. Seek Preconception Counseling to Avoid Birth Defects and Have Healthy Babies. [Sinhala | English]
  3. The Doctor Says Your Baby Has Down Syndrome [Sinhala | English]
  4. Take Folic Acid DailyAvoid Birth Defects Have Healthy Babies [Sinhala | English]
  5. Metabilic Sceering and Importance [Sinhala | Tamil | English]
We recommend that you downloaded the pdf file, print it on either side of an A4 paper, and fold the paper along the column borders to make a leaflet which can be read easily. You may distribute these leaflets freely without any alterations. Hard copies can be obtained from the HGU. Hard copies of Tamil leaflets are also available in the HGU.