Medical Undergraduate:

Genetics is taught in the following sections of the integrated medical curriculum of the faculty:
Introductory Basic Sciences Stream: Ten lectures in basic medical genetics.
Applied Sciences Stream: Reproductive Health Module – Six lectures in clinical genetics.
Behavioural Sciences Stream: A lecture on “Moral and Ethical Issues in Genetics”.
Community Stream: A lecture on the effects of genetics on Family and Community.
Forensic Medicine – Role of DNA in Forensic Medicine

Medical Postgraduate:

Pre-MD/MS Part I courses are conducted for students who plan to follow the following courses:
MS – Surgery
MD – Obstetrics & Gynaecology
MD – General Medicine

MD – Paediatrics
MD – Psychiatry
Genetic courses are conducted as part of the following postgraduate courses offered by the University:
MD – Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Subspecialisation in Infertility) [Clinical attachment in Genetics]
MD – Medicine [Elective in Genetics]
MD – Transfusion Medicine [Clinical Attachment in Genetics]
MD – Oncology & Radiotherapy
MSc – Medical Administration
MD – Forensic Medicine
Diploma in Legal Medicine and Forensic Science
MS – Dental Surgery
MSc – Community Medicine / Dentistry
MD – Ophthalmology
MD Medical Adiminstration
Diploma – Family Medicine
Diploma – Reproductive Health
Certificate in Basic Laboratory Sciences
MSc Biomedical Informatics
BSc Physiotherapy Undergraduates:

Basic Sciences Stream: Eight lectures in basic medical genetics.
Clinical Stream: Six lectures in clinical genetics. 
Allied Health Sciences Professionals:

Certificate course in Genetics for Nurse

Postgraduate MSc Courses:

The HGU offers several MSc courses. Please click here for more details.
Postgraduate MPhil/PhD Research:

The HGU offers training leading up to a PhD. Interested students should contact Prof. Vajira H. W. Dissanayake for more details.